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Rights sold: Paperback (German), Spanish (ES), French

240 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 15,00 / sFr 26,90
ISBN: 3701713820

published in August 2004

Franz Innerhofer

Beautiful Days

Come on, then!
Stay right there!
Keep still now!

Life on a hill-farm, a country childhood: eleven years of servitude, fear and humiliation. Only then does Holl find the strength and the courage to break free and leave his father's farm, to set out on a new life fit for a human being.

Franz Innerhofer, born 1944 in Krimml (Salzburg). He comitted suicide 2002 in Graz. Published at Residenz: Schöne Tage (1974), Schattseite (1975), Die großen Wörter (1977), Der Emporkömmling (1982), Um die Wette leben (1993), Scheibtruhe (1996).


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