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304 pages
Format 140x220 Hardcover
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ISBN: 9783701732791
ISBN ebook: 9783701744848

published in Oktober 2014

Jutta Jacobi

The Schnitzlers
The Story of a Family

The epic story of one of the most fascinating families of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

An handcart and the infidelity of an attractive bookseller’s-daughter launch the story: Jutta Jacobi tells the tale of Johann Schnitzler, talented son of a poor Jewish carpenter from Nagykanizsa, who became a famous Viennese doctor; of his son Arthur, who changed from a sex maniac to a moralist; of his wife Frau Olga, the most remorseful divorcee ever, of Lili, who found happiness at the side of a fascist officer; of Heinrich, forced to emigrate to America in 1938; of Arthur’s grandsons Peter and Michael, who free themselves from the burden of the past; and of great granddaughter Giuliana, who decorates the graves in the Central Cemetery with stars.
A story of desire, warmed by humour, with changing perspectives over the course of the narrative.

Jutta Jacobi was born in 1955 and studied German literature and theatre studies in Munich. She qualified as a Feldenkrais teacher in Vienna. She lives, writes and teaches in Hamburg. Her radio feature "Der Reigen zu Rad" was a homage to Arthur Schnitzler on his 150th birthday. Recent publications include "Zarah Leander. Das Leben einer Diva" (2006).


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